Saturday, June 21, 2008

retro revamped

i know i haven't touched this blog in forever, but hopefully i can get it going again. i've recently been inspired by fellow bloggers and artists and a slew of frugal art that i've accumulated in the past four months. so to start off...
i found this amazing couch for FREE on craigslist a year ago. well it wasn't so amazing at the time but i loved the shape of it and it pulls out into a bed. this is what the original looked like:

then i started to take it apart so i could make a pattern.

next: measure, cut, and sew

i found the fabric at ikea in the "as is" department for $100. it was originally a slip cover but i reinvented it.

costs: $100(fabric)+$25(mover)+$15(odds/ends)+extreme patience

i just need to finish the buttons and sew a slew of pillows to complete the look.

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bloggeranonymous said...

Brilliant! Can't wait until my Birthday.